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Current Members
Clem Castro - Lead vocals| Jm Del Mundo - Bass Guitar| Ace Del Mundo - Drums| ,
Former Members
Mcoy Fundales - Lead vocals,rythm guitar and acoustic guitar| Law Santiago - Bass Guitar| Michael Salvador - Drums,
Alternative| New Wave| Opm| ,
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Orange and Lemons is a Filipino pop rockband formed in 1999 by lead vocalist and guitarist Clem Castro along with Ace and JM del Mundo. Former member, Mcoy Fundalesserved as the lead vocalist and guitarist since its formation until its last reception in 2007. The group's musical genre's been a mixed of alternative rock, indie pop and experimentalmusic and heavily influenced by several well-respected bands in different generations like The Smiths, The Beatles and the Eraserheads. The band had released three several albums and gained commercial success with their sophomore album Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot released in 2005.

The group parted ways in 2007 due to musical differences. Following the band's break up several members formed their own groups. Mcoy Fundales formed Kenyo alongside with JM and Ace del Mundo. While, Clem formed his own indie group The Camerawalls with the band's original member, Law Santiago.

In 2017 after 10 years on hiatus, the band announced that they will reunite as a group.

In December , 8, 2017 they've released a comeback single "Lovers Go,Lovers Come".

A Re-Recorded Album of their first album "Love In The Land Of Rubber Shoes And Dirty Ice Cream" Is set to be released in 2018

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