Boy Elroy

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Current Members
Gino Rosales : vocals / guitar| Joey Santos : vocals / guitar| Fil Viernes : bass| JT Flameño : drums,
Punk Rock,
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Boy Elroy

Genre : Punk Rock

Members :

Gino Rosales : vocals / guitar

Joey Santos : vocals / guitar

Fil Viernes : bass

JT Flameño : drums

Boy Elroy is a Filipino punk band, either of old or new school. This unique genre of their music boasts its influences from the likes of Rancid, Mest, The Clash, Descendants, Operation Ivy, Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Kid Dynamite, Muse and many other punk bands and some non-punk bands.


The band started as early as high school by Conrad Javier, together with JT Flameño on drums. The leisure eventually became an actuality on 2002 as Boy Elroy when most of them were tried of their endeavours through college at Ateneo de Manila.

The two, Conrad & JT later recruited Gino Rosales from Cebu and Darren de Jesus. Gino is a non-neophyte in music scene since he is a renowned Cebu rocker (Slinky & Blind Mans Bluff). He and Darren (Ziplok) was assigned to do the guitar responsibilities. In addition to the original members, Francis Peña did the bass functions.

Boy Elroy recorded a six-song EP in haste under the Tower of Doom. The EP was recorded on the same year they were formed. From the EP, the song All Right received decent airplays on NU 107 and the crowd staples were tracks likes Timex, Over You and Post-it.Several line-up changes took place. Francis Peña left the band on January 2004 due to some priorities in life and Fil Viernes replaced him to fill up the vacuum.

They have recorded the debut full-length album entitled A Better Place. After the recording, Darren de Jesus pursued law studies, leaving the band behind. However, Joey Santos shouldered his responsibilities with a smile.

This new band’s line-up continued to perform in gigs and promotes their new album. They introduced to the listeners their brash brand of punk rock.Their debut album produces couple of youthful tracks like Eksena and A Better Place. Some jazzy song, Just Like Yesterday is also present. The album was distributed under Galaxy Records nationwide.

The band played in different venues and numerous gigs. Their singles, Conversation and Out Of Control received favourable airplays and the latter’s video can be viewed in MTV as well. 

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