Various Artists – CRUSH SONGS Mixtape [2015]

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CREDITS TO: Thank you to the following people for making CRUSH SONGS possible: Ang Bandang Shirley, Asch, Area 25, Caffeine and Taurine, Ceejay Sagarino, Clara Benin, CRWN, Fools and Foes, Miles and Mot, Paola Mauricio, Paolo Arciga, Paolo Mallari, Rusty Machines Shirebound and Busking, Slow Hello, Tandems '91, The Aninipots, The Chopping Board, The Geeks. Bern Lumbao of Gabi Na Naman Productions, Carmina Manuel of Vibora Philippines, Cris Ramos of Revolver Productions, JB Balaquit of DocDef Productions, Kathy Gener of Attraction Reaction and Wide Eyed Records Manila, Miles Malferrari of Satchmi, MC Galang of Vandals On The Wall, Numberline Records, Pauline Bobier of Think-Big Events, Russ Davis of Jam 88.3's Fresh Filter. Artwork: Ciarra De Mata Layout: Carmina Manuel Executive Producers: Ian Emmanuel Urrutia of Vandals On The Wall Milley Habito of Gabi Na Naman Productions
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