Bamboo – Light Peace Love [2005]

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  • 1. 04Bamboologin
  • 2. Alpha Beta OmegaBamboologin
  • 3. Children of the SunBamboologin
  • 4. Dinner at 6Bamboologin
  • 5. F.U.Bamboologin
  • 6. HallelujahBamboologin
  • 7. I-YouBamboologin
  • 8. Much Has Been Said...Bamboologin
  • 9. Peace ManBamboologin
  • 10. TruthBamboologin
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Truth by Bamboo Can’t Believe how you set me free The way you purify this soul don’t you know Got you into my arms now I’m never letting go This old dog is finally home… finally home… So! Chorus: Ohh, Tell me what you want I’ll pay the price What’s money I’ll roll the dice Lose it all take the fall Let it ride As long as I have you at my side (Repeat 2X) Friend or foe you come to me Wasn’t sure how deep a hole I was getting into Yet I choose to wake up every mornin… Read more »