Francis Magalona – Happy Battle [1996]

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  • 1. Round 1Francis M.login
  • 2. 1-800-Ninety-SixFrancis M.login
  • 3. Girl Be MineFrancis M.login
  • 4. Soul PlacentaFrancis M.login
  • 5. Tingga sa Wan-KataFrancis M.login
  • 6. Make Your MoveFrancis M.login
  • 7. Wag Kang TumawaFrancis M.login
  • 8. Thank YouFrancis M.login
  • 9. Unstrung Heroes (Feat. Ely Buendia)Francis M.login
  • 10. SebentitutenFrancis M.login
  • 11. Round 2Francis M.login
  • 12. Baliktad ang MundoFrancis M.login
  • 13. SapotFrancis M.login
  • 14. RainyFrancis M.login
  • 15. Living in the WildFrancis M.login
  • 16. Butlig in KCFrancis M.login
  • 17. Lab SongFrancis M.login
  • 18. Theme from Happy BattleFrancis M.login
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Girl Be Mine by Francis M. Let the sun shine Let the rivers run away Coz it’s a beautiful day now To play now As I close my eyes and pray Lord have mercy on me Coz I’m feeling kinda lonely Would you be Could you be My one and only Took a train at a station And almost lost my patience coz I was waiting Damned rain delayed the train Now I’m waitin in vain Just to see your face Is this the one that I’m supposed to be afraid of Is this the one that I’m supposed to… Read more »