Anne Curtis – Annebisyosa (Digilite) [2011]

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  • 1. Tinamaan AkoAnne Curtislogin
  • 2. Total Eclipse of the HeartAnne Curtislogin
  • 3. Too Many WallsAnne Curtislogin
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Sarah Bautista

Thank you so much OPMLOVER! For granting my request..🤗😘 Ok naman lahat walang sira, wala lang album cover tong kay Anne pag pine-play..

Sarah Bautista

Ayyy grabe s’ya oh hahaha.. Thank you 😘

Sarah Bautista

Wala pa yung isang request ko po yung “Unforgettable (Original Movie Soundtrack) EP – Viva Records Artists. Padagdag na din po ng “2004 Roxie by Roxie” & “2005 In The Name Of Love by Yasmien Kurdi” 🤗🙏