Submit album button currently requires password

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Hi! FYI. Submit album button currently requires password. It doesn't matter actually however, the password I entered was invalid. I don't know if it's because it only requires admin's password or it's just my account. I'm submitting this discussion for everyone's awareness so you won't be surprised when your request could not be granted. I hope this issue will be resolved in no time. Thank you.

2/4/2023 issue

*perhaps the reason why a new error was shown is because of this added portion of the submit album window.

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yes i locked it temporarily, sorry i forgot to post about this. im currently moving the site to a new server.

Also thanks for keeping this place alive. I don’t have the same patience as yours granting requests from people like you do lol.

I’ve been using this website for like four months and I never saw any moderators or admins to fix bugs and moderate the place. I tried asking a question to the admin on their facebook page but I got no reply. So I’m betting we won’t have any new uploads for a long time.