The Youth – Album na Walang Pamagat [1994]

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  • 1. Kapag Nagunaw Ang MundoThe Youthlogin
  • 2. The Alphabet Song (Mother Funker)The Youthlogin
  • 3. Supernova ScumThe Youthlogin
  • 4. Multo Sa Paningin (Multong Bakla)The Youthlogin
  • 5. PayoThe Youthlogin
  • 6. Anak Ka Ng Ina MoThe Youthlogin
  • 7. Magulo Buhay Ng TaoThe Youthlogin
  • 8. Mukha Ng PeraThe Youthlogin
  • 9. TakboThe Youthlogin
  • 10. BasuraThe Youthlogin
  • 11. PanguletThe Youthlogin
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Batang Maynila

One of the great Pinoy Rock albums and one that defined an era. One of the soundtracks to my childhood. This wacky and rocking album tickled a lot of funny bones and made heads bang back in the good old days. Take me back to the summer of ’94!

[…] houses those aforementioned hits, but compared with Trip and other debut albums at the time (Teeth, Album Na Walang Pamagat, Ultraelectromagneticpop), RiverMaya is more like a dozen different things coming at you than a […]