The Brockas In Action Action
  • 1.Action Action
    · avantpop · 128 kbps
  • 2.Chico
    · avantpop · 128 kbps
  • 3.Nag-Iingay Ako
    · avantpop · 56 kbps
  • 4.Habulin
    · 128 kbps
  • 5.Maskara
    · avantpop · 128 kbps
TrashKonsumer: What do you get when you provide eight chaotic filmmakers and artists with a rehearsal space and a bunch of amplified instruments? The Brockas. Fusing a neanderthal musicality with a cosmopolitan sneer, the band creates densely orchestrated noise art that pretends to be random, when in fact every microtone is pre-planned in their collective subconscious. In Action Action provides us with 42 minutes of post-punk, post-rock, post-apocalyptic, post-it sung and spoken in their native tongue (Filipino) mostly. The band likes to call their musical genre wazak&roll ("Wasak" being a slang Filipino word meaning: exploded, imploded, drugged, or drunk depending on the nuance). Discover their chaos and rawk out, dudes. Named after National Artist for Film Lino Brocka, The Brockas is composed of Filipino filmmakers and artists LAV DIAZ, ROXLEE, EMERSON REYES, DAN GIL, KALOY OLAVIDES, JOHN TORRES, and KHAVN.
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