Uploading / Posting

  • Search before you upload to avoid re-posting.
    Any re-post will be deleted without warning.
  • Music of the Philippines only!
    Only Filipino Albums are allowed, unless artist is half Filipino.
  • Naming your post:
    Set title to”Artist – Album”
    Single Artist “Bamboo – As the music plays
    Various Artist “Various Artist – As the music plays

    Artist name is also the album name? Bamboo – Self Titled

Delete/Edit your Post

  1. Search and view your post. inside you will find the Delete/Edit buttons on the top-left of your post.

Requesting Albums or Songs

  • Go to REQUESTS >> SUBMIT REQUEST from our menu. Then fill the request form. we will try our best to find what you’re requesting.

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    Artist Profile = 5 Points
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Any discussions/hacks on how to download them is not allowed.